I have Bridesmaidzillas

Dear ESB,

I never thought I would have "issues" with my wedding planning, but obviously I was wrong. Here is the Dilemma, two of my bridesmaids want to rip each others hair out. We all used to be close friends, but about two years ago me and lets just say "Suzy" had a falling out. Because me and Suzy were no longer friends, but me and "Kelly" were still friends, Suzy didn't want to be friends with Kelly either and Kelly took offense to that, and now thinks Suzy is a godforsaken bitch for shutting her out of her life. Anyways, to make a long story short, last year me and Suzy rekindled our friendship, but Kelly doesn't approve of it. She thinks Suzy owes her and apology for not staying friends with her, and Suzy things Kelly is immature and needs to grow up. Its obvious this whole situation is stupid and immature, as far as I am concerned they both need grow up! This puts me in a awkward place because I CANT have this kind of drama at my wedding, or during the planning. I just want them to all get along so that we can have fun parties and not sabotage each other. This is all getting so complicated I am starting to feel like neither of them really care about me or my wedding because they are being so SELFISH. In their own ways both of them have told me without actually saying it that they think I should just pick "her", but both of them are my friends, I cant choose one or the other. This puts so much pressure on me, and is starting to ruin the good chi of my wedding.

Please, please give me some non biased advice on what to do! 




  1. You need to get over the notion of having fun parties together. Even if these women can set aside their differences for you and act civilly, you aren't going to have fun bonding moments altogether.

  2. Agreed. Seems like the least you should expect of them is to fake it until the wedding is over.

  3. This is probably less than helpful, but... can you drop having a bridal party altogether? Or maybe just have one close friend/family member stand up as MOH and ditch these girls? This all sounds like more trouble than it's worth.

  4. This is the first one of these where the letter writer sounds normal! Can you talk to each one of them and ask, for you, if they can fake it until they make it? Offer them an out of the wedding party if that is not something they can do.

  5. Easy... tell them they're both out if they can't behave.