Crazy MOH sister


So I wrote in before about these Valentino shoes. But I come to you with an altogether different conundrum today. I recently read that you were looking for some cunty MOH. Well, I think I might be able to help with that.

My FH and I wanted a no mess, no fuss kinda wedding which I am pulling off pretty well so far. We agreed to only have one best 'person' each, he asked his best friend and I asked my sister. Now my sister and I are not particularly close, but I thought we got each other. Plus she is super organized and would be perfect for on the day when I needed stuff to get done without having to ask for it to be done.

That is until recently when she has been going through a bit of a change in boyfriends, a lot of work pressure and my parents are having a difficult time in their marriage and it's taking its toll on her. We have never had the same taste; she likes flying ponies, champagne towers, glitzy dresses and all about making a statement. I like simple and timeless. So since it is my wedding I thought that she would be supportive with what I wanted. I guess I thought wrong.

When I asked her to be my MOH she was super happy. Then when I was discussing dates with her and my parents I mentioned two dates and her response was, 'None of those dates have any specific meaning to you, they are just numbers. So just pick one.' So that is what I did. I found her response to be unhelpful, but whatever.

The one thing my sister and I have always bonded over is food - we love to cook. So when I called her to come over to my place to have dinner and discuss what we could be eating at the wedding I thought it would be a great collaboration. Everything that I mentioned she turned her nose up at and had a different idea. It was very much like, 'Yeah, that sounds nice but what you should actually do is...' and every idea would be an elaborate scheme of how to make simple, delicious food into something that crazysauce would have given birth to. (Salad dressing in glass droppers hanging from the ceiling above the tables!!!??) Anyway, my general response was, 'Hmmm, yeah we could do it like that.' I then made my appointment with the caterers on a weekday (maybe on purpose), she was working, and so I went with another friend of mine and am getting what I want.

The next incident happened when I showed her a picture of my dress. She wasn't able to come with when I went to look for it. I had a friend with a contact in vintage dresses she stipulated the day she could open her store for me and I went in and immediately found my dress and paid for it a week later. So when I showed her the picture I thought she would be excited. She looked at it and said, 'Oh. It's not what I imagined it would be.' So I asked her what she thought it would look like and she said, 'I dunno. Just different. It's just a dress.' To which I replied that that is exactly what I wanted, just a dress and the reason I bought it was what made it special. But the way she said it really hurt and by now, I would actually have like some support from her.

The final straw that go me writing into you was when we started discussing what she would wear. I ordered this dress off eBay which fit her perfectly but she didn't like the length, the colour or the bottom half of the dress.

Fine. I can always wear it another time, I did order it for me. But then I sent her a couple pictures of dresses and asked her if she could pick a colour to wear what would it be? (This is bearing in mind that I am wearing a slighty pinkish all lace long dress). She responded with this (1) and this (2) and this (3). And also called me at 7am this morning, a Sunday, twice to tell me that she had found a dress! (Her favourite is number 1.)

Now what I guess I am asking is, should I just continue ignoring her craziness and just make sure I get what I want, or should I actually say something to her? And perhaps even ask my best friend to step in as a bridesmaid to help 'control' my sister? I am just afraid of what she is going to do for my bridal shower - I have already suggested that she work with my best friend, but she said to me, 'If I need help I will ask for it.'

Simple Sister